Calfa Vision
A web based annotation tool

Online, collaborative and free

Create your project —
Invite collaborators —
Annotate your documents —
Export the data

Free features

Keep control over your data

Only you and you co-workers can access the data you create and the documents you upload. At the end of your project, you can export and delete everything with one click.

A large variety of formats

Input: images in JPG/PNG/TIF, pageXML, HTML, IIIF link, Mask GT.
Export formats: pageXML, Alto, Mask GT, raw text, pair image line + text.

For both text directionalities

Annotation projects can be set up for LTR or RTL languages. Optimized and tested with oriental languages such as Arabic, Armenian etc.

Go further in realizing your OCR/HTR project

Train your custom text recognition model by using the data you created in Calfa Vision with the Research Plan


Calfa Vision

Transcribe your documents

Export your data

Free features included

No support

Annotation only

Research plan

Calfa Vision
+ custom OCR model

Transcribe your documents

Export your data

Free features included

6 months of support

OCR/HTR model for your corpus
(custom ML training)

OCR/HTR on 3500 pages included

By using Calfa Vision, the user confirms owning the rights to use the content uploaded on the plateform. Calfa can not be taken for responsible of the non-respect of the rights associated to the pictures by the user. In case of infringement, Calfa can terminate the user account without prior notice.