Calfa Vision

Calfa Vision is an advanced web-based annotation tool for documents and images.
Create your instance, invite contributors and start your annotation project online.

Project oriented

Calfa Vision is designed and organized as a project workspace. Statistics displayed on a dashboard are helping you to manage your project and achieve your tasks, and to stay tuned with the activity of your contributors and your objectives.


Multi-users enabled, you can easily add your co-workers to work online on the project as a team, whatever the device they use and whoever they are. Dedicated to online annotation, the interface is intuitive and easy to handle.

Automated tasks

The tool includes online, free, time-saving features, such as auto-detection of lines on a page, and (beta) text pre-recognition. Either your text is typed or handwritten.

Data compatibility

Multiple data formats are available to import your data in the project, and export the result of your annotations, ensuring the compatibility with many other data systems. At the end of the project, you have the possibility to delete your data. Check compatibility. 🔍

Data compatibility

Input Output
pageXML pageXML
Images Drawn GT
IIIF link Text
Drawn GT Pair image line + text